NIB Insurance

NIB Man MUSTER Australia needs its man stock to be in 100% PRIME condition. Visit to find out just what you – and your doctor – should be looking for in a prime piece of Aussie beef.  I led the team that created the campaign, logo and identified campaign teaser, this followed right through to go live.
Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone – whether it be trying a new activity, going overseas alone or even just challenging yourself at your next gym session – has shown to have big impacts. Not only could it increase productivity, but you could also become better at harnessing creativity by questioning your confirmation bias.
Paul agrees, “I love adventure and every year, I go on a trek that’s both mentally and physically challenging. Walking is the most natural way to unwind your thoughts and allows me to get deep into where I’m at and what I’m doing in life. Add in some thrill, excitement and a bit of nervousness and you’ve got a winning combination.”

Totally amazing campaign, roaring success across all factors.