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MSN – Human Centred Design
The task was to deliver a presentation that would deliver the Future of NineMSN, our audience ‘Future of Screens 2018 festival’, Milsons point. I developed the User Experience, Information Architecture, and design right through to the construction of presentation to demonstrate prototype interactivity.
Taking onboard the need for HCD, “Human-centered design” it was about observing, understanding and making. These methods help to bring future products and services to life from an imagined idea. It’s about going into the consumer’s world and understanding their experiences, then taking that and using co-design and collaboration to craft a new world together.”

Mobile project screen coming soon, with prototypes.

  • MSN future

    Microsoft - Artificial Intelligence.

  • Nike React

    Campaign interactive artwork for global Nike React.

  • Branding Wego

    Corporate identity concept for Wego.