Brand Strategy

Why is Brand Strategy important?

A good brand strategy positions your brand in the mind of your future customers and aligns the goalposts for your whole organization.


The world’s best brands do not reposition every couple of years, but they evolve according to their brand strategy.


Defining what is at your brand’s core gives you the flexibility to remain coherent over time by zooming in and out on specific topics while staying on-brand as the world changes around you. Brand strategy is crucial for finding why you are engaging your customers. A purpose-driven brand strategy means all internal and external stakeholders understand where they are going and why.



Where do I start with developing a Brand Strategy?

We call a goal post alignment (GPA) helps us define your brand as per its current position and serve as our starting point to bring out your brand’s brilliance. As the name suggests, this is a work in progress, and our current beliefs are likely to shift as we align your brand and build momentum moving forward.

We aim to communicate a consistent and robust message around your company’s purpose, helping you sell the values and intangibles that surround your products or services through a simple brand strategy.

We guarantee that you will have greater clarity around your brand and its future direction at the end of this process.


What is the best type of Brand Strategy?

The best brand strategy is, in essence, a simple one. We like to simplify your brand’s core into five concise statements that everyone can understand.

Imagine your brand on a single page for easy understanding.



1. Your brand’s purpose

Besides making money, why does your business exist?

Yes, of course, you are in the business to make money, but everyone else.

Consumers today desire a greater connection with your brand, your customers (and you!) and want to be inspired. We are witnessing a significant change in how and why people connect with the brands. People, including us, are seeking a higher sense of fulfilment from the products and services they use. Your brand purpose becomes significant in its connection with the user.


2. Your brand’s vision

What does the future look like for your business? What are the short, medium and long-term goals of your brand? It pushes you to consider the direction your company is moving in, plus intended to be future-oriented, so first consider the brand’s vision for the next five years, then challenge yourself to consider it for the next twenty years.


3. Your brand’s values

What truths underlie your business? How do things get done?

Brand values are crucial to your brand strategy. Sometimes they can seem like corporate mumble jumbo because, in many instances, businesses get it wrong by deriving their values based on what they think the consumers want to hear vs what they believe. Later, when they realize their folly, they try to adjust it by chopping and changing and ending up with values that mean nothing to anyone.


4. Your brand’s positioning

Why will your brand be famous?

Brands stand out when they are clear about what they sell and who they sell them to. Typically, people do not want to lose customers, so they keep their positioning message vague and all-encompassing. They need to exclude specific customers and position themselves as an expert in a niche category!



5. Your brand’s promise

What phrase captures it all?

Some call it a Tagline, others a Slogan, but it is just jargon for a promise your brand is making. 

A brand promise makes an emotional, all-encompassing statement to customers, which must be the 100% authentic truth about what they will experience with your brand.


What are the benefits of a solid Brand Strategy?

A sound and clearly defined brand strategy give you a significant competitive edge.

  • Defines uniqueness


The clearer your brand is, the more it attracts employees and customers.

  • Adds value to your business


A strong, clear and consistent message gives the impression that you are the best in the industry increases the customers’ willingness to pay more for your services, thereby adding value and revenue.

  • Earns trust
  • If your brand radiates trust and loyalty, it will be reciprocated by your customers.


Think Heinz, think Nike, Sunskeer theses brands stand out for all the correct concepts and are consistent year on year even when the pandemic hit.




Insights & Strategy

Strategy is a forward-looking plan for your brand’s behaviour.


Content helps your company to have unique communication.

Experience Design

UI/UX design gives the appearance above your brand’s behaviour.

Advertising & Scale

Advertising and scale help to have a unique plan for your brand’s life.

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