Internal Launch Strategies

Getting your Internal Launch Strategy correct?

Brand strategies have many different outcomes. Your internal teams are one of the main aspects of ensuring your brand launch with a 100% success rate in getting your workforce behind you. Sir Richard Brandson needs to know some of the most fantastic entrepreneurs’ decisions and internal brand launch strategies. 


This new internal branding strategy is an excellent opportunity to give life to your shared values and leverage the power of a relaunched brand. If you closely observe, you can see the world’s excitement brands do not suddenly rebrand every few years; instead, they gentle evolve and upgrade their thinking to stay current or cutting edge. 


It’s more about getting your brand going in the right direction than a significant change. Just like people, businesses evolve as they learn more about their market and supply chain. Values evolve too. For example, your brand could grow from being an efficient supplier of certain goods to a name to reckon with craftsmanship or sustainability or becoming bespoke.  


Internal Launch Strategy: 

Realigning your brand starts from the inside out.

Recalibrating a brand can produce significant strategic gains. By involving the people who represent your brand, living and working in your business, you discover a newfound enthusiasm and accomplish an authentic rollout of your new brand or product launch. It is crucial to be open do not keep your employees in the dark by not giving the whole story or information. Involve your employees right from the brand alignment process, and do not wait until the last moment of launching the brand.


Where do I start with planning an Internal Launch Strategy?

Investing your time to build internal advocacy for your brand pays long term dividends.

In the light of our decades-long experience in the brand relaunch, we can confidently say that a successful launch hinges on internal advocacy. Creating a platform for open dialogue and establishing regular checkpoints ensures the involvement of the entire brand team in the strategy, implementation and practical application. The relaunch process that we recommend include

  • Identification of key stakeholders and discuss the draft plan for the relaunch
  • Interactions across the various touchpoints
  • Discussion regarding the new brand’s limits and flexibility
  • An engagement using practical exercise to enhance confidence and knowledge
  • Seek feedback and use them to refine the brand
  • Would you mind providing the required tools and resources and empowering them as internal as well as external advocates?
  • Launch the brand
  • Reviewing & refining 30, 90 and 270 days after the launch


Are you getting your Internal Launch Strategy correct?

Internal launch strategy involves internal engagement before proceeding to the external world. For an exceptional internal launch, it is crucial to consider the perception and experiences of your internal staff, collaborate with them and empower them to experience the brand you have created together.


Planning your Internal Launch Strategy? Quick seven steps

  1. Prepare the Message to Deliver. Define the message and features that you want to deliver to specific audiences.
  2. Choose the perfect timing.
  3. Decide communication channels.
  4. Choose your tone of voice.
  5. Segmentation.
  6. Use Different Content Types.
  7. Prepare Demo Run.

Failure to involve your team in the internal launch makes you appear fake and weak. Successfully engaging the whole business in the internal launch helps mobilise and empower the internal advocates who will become the flagbearer of the shared beliefs endorsed by your brand, customers and themselves. Involving the whole business at key stages will, in turn, create a lasting impression and win more hearts.





Insights & Strategy

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Content helps your company to have unique communication.

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UI/UX design gives the appearance above your brand’s behaviour.

Advertising & Scale

Advertising and scale help to have a unique plan for your brand’s life.

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