BIG W Customers First

The increasing demand from connected customers seeking seamless and personalised shopping experiences has driven a number of improvements throughout the year. The rollout of Pick up was a significant achievement in the year, with the convenience offer now available at over 2,900 Food, Drink and BIG W retail sites across Australia and New Zealand. In Australian Food alone, Pick up delivered sales growth of over 100%, proving to be a popular choice for customers and now represents over a quarter of online orders.
Improvements were also made in online home delivery with the opening of additional customer fulfillment centers (CFC) in Sydney and Melbourne to complement our existing CFC in Sydney. The centers, dedicated to supporting the increased demand for online fulfillment, particularly during peak delivery windows, have contributed to steady improvements in fulfillment targets set in FY18.

Supporting the 2.5 million customers who visit the Woolworths customer website and app weekly, material improvements were delivered earlier in the year to upgrade site speed and the overall user experience. Connected customers have also embraced the digitisation of their Woolworths Rewards with over half a million adding their Rewards card to either Apple or Google wallet since the service was launched. – overall CX end to end customer stratification uplift.

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