Kempinski Mobile

A complete overhaul of design, development, strategy, marketing, photography, ecommerce systems and the online booking engine were in order. Everything needed to be seamlessly integrated so users were deeply engulfed in the Kempinski experience. Whether they were being invited to an event, trying to book an accommodation online or inquiring about a particular request, all aspects needed to align.


Aiming to deliver a luxurious and individualized experience to its guests, we implemented a digital loyalty program called Kempinski DISCOVERY. Members receive exclusive offerings based on the annual frequency of their visits to any location. An added benefit of this new loyalty program concerns data collection. To present these exclusive offers to the right people at the right time, Kempinski can now optimize its customer relationship affairs.
These CRM-centric efforts have initially resulted in a 794% increase in traffic to the main webpage, which has translated into a 480% increase in sales. Ultimately, a well-designed website draws users in, before the necessary information and functionality work together to convert another visitor.
• Customer Experience
• Digital Strategy
• User Interface Design
• Customer User Flows
• Information Structure
• User Testing
• Google Analytics

more to come…

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