Packaging Design

Why is Packaging Design important?

Packaging design is not just about a container’s shape, graphics or other visual characteristics; it could also act as a tool to engage and persuade your customer. A bold design helps your brand stand out on the shelf and catch your customer’s attention. A packaging must achieve two crucial feats- grab your customers’ attention and communicate what it is.



Packaging your product correctly can impacts the purchasing behaviour of your target market by 10x if not 100x. Take Cadburys Milk Cholcotae.


The psychology of consumer choice says that before making up their mind to buy a product, people evaluate it and compare it with an alternative. So communicating what is inside the package is crucial to influence their purchasing decision.


Packaging design

What your packaging design says will directly influence whether or not your product will sell well and fast.



Packaging Design for my brand?

Brand strategy can play a critical role in the choice of your packaging design. We incorporate the following criteria into your packaging design to enable efficient communication of the brand’s message.

  1. Functionality for the consumer and the distribution channels
  2. Clear and simple messaging
  3. Honesty and authenticity
  4. Brand personification to enhance emotional connection and trustworthiness
  5. Shelf impact to grab the easily distracted consumers’ attention


What are the benefits of Packaging Design?

Superior packaging ensures damage-free delivery of products and helps the customers to experience the care and concern that goes into packaging. Shoddy packaging can result in customer service and public relations nightmares for your company. Careless packaging erodes your customers’ trust as it makes your products look inferior.  


Attract Customers

According to research, packaging and personal preferences influences at least a third of the consumers’ purchasing decisions. Visually appealing packaging will grab your consumers’ attention and persuade them to purchase the product. Companies consider everything from colour to artwork to shape to make their products appear attractive to their target market.



Provide Information

Packaging helps provide meaningful product information such as ingredients, usage instructions, features and benefits, and customer service information for consumer feedback or asking questions, establishing an open loop of communication between the companies and their consumers, aids in marketing decision-making such as product refinement.  


Reinforce your brand

Superior packaging design aids in forming an emotional connection with the consumers, which establishes a long-term relationship with them. Incorporating branding elements on the package allows instant recognition of your brand from shop shelves. It also influences the way a product goes to market.


Get your product in the hands of your customers strictly as intended.

Superior packaging ensures product safety during shipping as well as during their stay on the shop shelves. Product packaging plays a crucial role in representing your brand and your promise to deliver a quality experience. Over 40% of the customers love to flaunt their products on social media if your attractively packaged product is seduction.

Therefore, packaging presents excellent marketing opportunities.

We have decades of experience in building high-quality, high-conversion experiences at the point of sale between your customer and your product that meets the needs of your business, brand, corporate memberships and community targets.




Insights & Strategy

Strategy is a forward-looking plan for your brand’s behaviour.


Content helps your company to have unique communication.

Experience Design

UI/UX design gives the appearance above your brand’s behaviour.

Advertising & Scale

Advertising and scale help to have a unique plan for your brand’s life.

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