WEGO Branding

I was not responsible for the original WEGO branding or their original corporate identity guidelines. I was, however, brought in to help them look at their brand image in today’s environment by making the necessary updates to their corporate identity guidelines.

Creating a new corporate identity and brand word-mark with guidelines document to use internally throughout the organization’s operations to ensure the brand was well managed and reproduced consistently wherever used.

They wanted to partner with me to fine tune the intended look and feel of their brand and better control its use by other design providers.

Improvements included updating instances of the corporate logo to include the new tagline ‘do better’ that was now being used.

I was responsible for covering areas of their branding such as tightening up consistency throughout the corporate identity guidelines document itself.

I was also asked to make assessments from a brand management perspective, right through to the supply of comprehensive files. These were prepared in a variety of formats for seamless implementation by third-party users.

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