Autobarn – Customer Experience – UI. Working with Atomic 313 to help the full rollout, of main templates design and thinking for products, payment, and full CX review of the business. I joined the team mid flow of delivery for the next 8-9 months perfecting the customer experience and adding the human element of design.

Evolve the Personal Car Shopping Experience by focusing on the core online client experience. We contribute to the way customers interact with Autobarn via the online platform, by pushing boundaries and challenging the norm to focus on better customer experience across the board via data and user research.

Working alongside The Corporate Operations Group (COG) who brings together specialist support services including workplace, human resources, market operations, and technology. COG’s purpose is to drive operational excellence through business-aligned services with a focus on quality, cost, and risk. COG comprises the following divisions: Business Improvement and Strategy, Business Services, Human Resources, Market Operations, and Technology.

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