James Mckenzie Stanton

James McKenzie Stanton
Senior International Brand and UX/ UI Designer and Founder of BRANDlab


James Mckenzie Stanton is the Senior Head of User Experience at Franki Global & Finstro, Product Designer and founder of BRANDlab.


As the Head of UX design across multiple continents ranging from Japan to UAE, Europe, USA and Australia, James has empowered digital transformation across multiple industries ranging from High-End Hoteliers, travel companies, airlines, financial institutions to Government and Education.


James has a long list of degrees in design, art, science and technology, in addition to a recently acquired MBA, making him a master in most intelligent service design and an industry-leading human-centred design.


Leaving no stone unturned, James’s enthusiasm for only the highest level of perfection paired with over 25 years in the creative space, it’s no wonder multinational corporations worldwide flock to James for their transition from slow and clunky systems to award-winning, engaging product design.


When James is not at work on flawless design and implementation, he’s probably out chasing the biggest waves he can surf, or trying to teach his little girl how to catch waves, even though she is only 1 (but a very smart 1-year-old).


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