BMW – Heads up Display

The BMW Head-Up Display is a display that projects drive and multimedia related information onto the front windshield of the car. The projected data can include various driving status, system warnings, directional messages, and even multimedia information. The Head-Up Display enhances the safety of driving by preventing drivers from taking their eyes off the road and be able to process information 50% faster according to BMW. After delivering the AD campaign in Europe for “Heads Up” I designed to look at UI concepts for how the heads-up display could be used pushed further in use.
The Head-Up Display is part of the technology package as well as the BMW Executive Package. Specifically, the BMW Head-UP Display can project the following vehicle and driving-related information depending on the model of the BMW:
• Road Speed
• Speed Limits
• Overtaking Restrictions
• Check Control messages
• Vehicle Status
• Warning Messages
• Navigational Turn-By-Turn Directions
• Telephone and Call Information
• Entertainment Menu
• Lane Guiding

Further UX, UI screens coming

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