ADIB – Mobile Banking

ADIB Core Banking Mobile Application
Give users what they need
Centered on four primary functions necessary to deliver a complete, convenient and user-friendly mobile banking solution.


How can we make banking more convenient and provide market-leading features? Our team at Adaptis was tasked with the objective of increasing usage on the mobile app. And that is exactly what we set out to do.


Design, iterate, and test
Resulting in a feature-rich market-leading mobile banking application.
Joining forces with the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB), we aimed to increase customer usage of its mobile app. Executed through agile methodology, several iterations were tested. Now, ADIB offers banking on-the-go that users can truly enjoy.


The mobile extension of ADIB’s platform ultimately had a cleaner and more responsive user interface than the previous version. Staying on top of UX trends, our team incorporated horizontal flows, as opposed to vertical, which is consistent with mobile app development trends.

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